curtis Peters

Toronto WordPress developer

Trivia Game

Trivia game for Stargate: Atlantis meant to be used with the board game.


  • CSS animations
  • CSS designed interface
  • Randomly generated content
  • Enforces unique questions


Collaborative storytelling game

Users contribute to a shared story, 250 characters per turn.


  • Form validation with nonce
  • Live content validation and update with JQuery/Ajax
  • Customized automated email messages
  • Custom user roles and privileges
  • Generates random opener from database for each new story


Portfolio management

A platform for actors to manage an online portfolio and format resumes.  Features:

  • Created API for Single Page Application
  • Update content and media from front end
  • Print formatted pdf from web content
  • WordPress Multi-site
  • Custom Post Types
  • Customized automated email messages


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