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A portfolio management and website editor for actors. Built on WordPress, I’ve created custom plugins catered for actors. It is an all-in-one tool where users can create and manage their resume, display their credits in a customizable, creative showcase, and manage their website with the powerful WordPress platform and custom post types I’ve added.

Trivia game


The Scene it? Board Game series didn’t have a version for one of my favourite TV shows, Stargate: Atlantis, so I developed this version of Stargate: Atlantis trivia to be played with the boardgame. I used HTML5/CSS3, jQuery and PHP to recreate familiar game challenges, such as fuzzy images slowly coming into view and animated timers. The questions are generated at random during the game and easily administered using the WordPress dashboard.

1000 monkeys


A personal project in development, this is a social story-telling website. Users are given a random start to a story then up to 250 characters to continue it. They invite friends or others to join and build the story in the same way. It’s built on WordPress, but all the functions are custom written using PHP and AJAX.

Transformed by Grace website

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This custom WordPress website is mobile responsive. I developed custom widgets so the owners may have intimate control over the content and where it appears. E-commerce was seamless integrated into the media page.